Lesson 3 African Society and the Bantu MigrationsThis is a featured page

The student will reproduce a map of Early Bantu migrations in order to enhance their geospatial intelligence and graphically express Bantu movements over time.

The students will take APWH notes from Professor Chahinda Karim's Lecture Art, Gender, and Politics in Egypt: Queen Hapshepshut in order to develop a set of comparative theses concerning the prevailanece of patriarchical societies in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Warm Up:
  • Why and how are Womem superior to men?
  • Why and how are Men superior to Women?
Guided Practice:
Independent Practice:
  • Construct at set of APWH notes through the course of the lecture (45/105 min) (3 pages total)
  • Use the list, your text book on p.54, your chapter 1 & 2 APWH notes, and p.42 to develop 3 or more comparative thesis for Mesopotamian and Egyptian society working in pairs (15 minutes)

  • Complete annotated map assignment 3.3 Bantu Migrations 2000bce-1000bce p.81
  • APWH Notes for Chapter 4 - Early Societies in South Asia (3 Broad Topics)
  • Share and critique the comparative thesis statements. (10 min)
Reteaching/Review Activity:

  • A

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